Friday, 19 October 2012

Interview Is Done :)

My Interview is complete! I answered the questions pretty well I thought. We had to role play and I was pretty nervous and had a little stutter over a couple words. I hope I get the job, but if I don't then I'm okay with that. While I was waiting I was okay then my hands started to tingle and go numb (that's usually my sign of a panic attack). I was thinking oh hell no this is not going to get any worse, I am a strong, smart awesome person and I CAN DO THIS...then I popped a mint into my mouth and chewed it to distract myself. I usually start to get dizzy and pass out. This has only happened to me once when I was nervous and about 3 times when I had just come over the flu or once when I flew off my bike and my stomach hit the handle bars.

I am not going to let this control my life. I am taking steps towards getting over this stupid thing I have. I want to be "normal". I need to conquer talking to strangers, talking on the phone, and most of all being confident in my abilities and myself. Having a retail position will certainly make me talk to people I don't know or feel comfortable with. I am stronger than this and I usually forget that. Each time I have a positive experience I become stronger. The negative experiences usually put me 2 steps behind and I obsess over them,

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