Monday, 21 January 2013

First Therapy Sesh

So I went to the appointment and I was so freaking nervous. I started shaking and bouncing my leg up and down while I was waiting. I met my social worker (she will be counciling me and helping me get support, see a psychiatrist if I want it). She is really nice and it was easy to talk to her. We are going to work on my anxiety. We talked about what I want to do with my life and we talked about goals that I would like to achieve. I will have small, medium, and large goals. My small goal is to be able to talk on the phone without being so anxious and not making my mom call places for me. I am supposed to think about a medium goal for my next apointment. I will be going every other week.

Now to talk about the psychiatrist...well I looked him up online and lets just say the reviews were not good. I also found out that my mom used to work with him and no one was fond of him and that he wanted to just push meds on people so he could get more money. I haven't seen him and my mom doesn't want to me to see him. I think there is another psychiatrist and I think he would be okay. The guy I don't want to see is the head and is in charge so I don't know what to do. (I have no insurance and I am getting all this free through a local hospital). I can't go see a private psychiatrist because I can't afford it.

On a side note I am learning to crochet...not too good I might add.

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